Streeting Design

Looney Labs Concepts

In 2015, board game publisher Looney Labs asked me to create a couple of proposals for a redesigned version of Nanofictionary, one of their classic card games. Nanofictionary revolves around creating short stories using random interchangeable characters, settings, conflicts, and resolutions, and it ultimately functions as a pretty entertaining conversation starter.

I designed two proposals for the game packaging. The first is based on the idea of representing those storytelling elements as literal building blocks for a narrative, so the packaging illustrates various settings for stories as isolated isometric scenes that look like they've been sliced out of a larger world. These drawings are accompanied with bold industrial text and a yellow, black, and white color palette, emphasizing the idea of storytelling as an act of construction.

The second concept uses the idea of the Hollywood story pitch to illustrate the act of telling a story. The cover illustration features the classic director's chair pitching a story outline to chairs representing studio executives and the audience. The logo treatment for this concept plays with the visual language of the film studio, referencing pop art and bright packaging design motifs, and it's surrounded by little icons that would be used throughout the game itself.

While Looney Labs ultimately went in a different direction for the final design of the game, these two concepts gave me the chance to extend some of my interests in miniature landscapes and iconic illustration into commercial packaging design.